First Week completed.

Thats the first week over. 14 weeks to go.

Total Km for the week 47.5.

Weight at the start of the week 67.6. Weight today 67.4

Today I started what I call a recovery  run from the race yesterday. But after a while I started to push it a bit and ran about 6 Km at a good pace. I did not time it but was happy enough.

Back still a bit sore after running and pain behind my knee is still there.But apart from that and my sore quad I am in not too bad shape.

50 push ups. 300 stomach crunches.

Next week I will increase the distance and race in Queensland.



8 Km race today.It went ok although I am still very slow. I tried to run a bit faster but I really need to run a few more faster Km at training.

Finished 2nd in age group and 25 th on Handicap and 35 th fastest. An OK result but it shows how far off the pace I still am. Second week of training starts Monday.

Km pace was


Race was a little over 8 Km and I ran the last couple of hundred meters at 3.42 pace. Pity I can only do this for short burst.

A start even if not a great one….at least I felt I was sort of running. Sore quad and sore back did not really slow me.


Tomorrow is the 53rd running of the Lodge 8/16 Km. Computer records only show the last 15 years’ results and I see I have missed this race 3 times in those years. But two of those misses have been the last two years.

Today only 3km leg stretcher. 70 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.I think I am still carrying too much fat around my stomach.

Left knee still sore but I hope that  the pain will disappear once the race gets underway tomorrow. Usually…well always…I ice after running…but not sure it is that is the best for my aches at the moment.I am putting some heat on my quad and behind my knee.Will this help??

For the race tomorrow  in the 70s most people ran the 16 Km option. But nowadays the field is a lot smaller for the longer race and the majority of runners chose the 8 Km.

I will try the 8 Km race.Its fairly flat and on paths so no great difficulty there.Its 4km out and 4 Km back.Not that exciting a route but should be fun running with others.

Rest Day

4 KM in ideal conditions. 2 Km out…U turn and return.

50 push ups and 400 stomach crunches.

Quad felt a lot better and back was not too much trouble. Bit of a headache but probably from being in an overheated room in the morning.

Not sure if resting is my thing.But I will give it a try at the beginning of my Marathon Preparation.

I don’t want to do too many Kms at this stage. In the mid 80s I did 120 plus per week but found when I dropped back to 90km a week in about 1987 I managed to run a little better.

As I get on…hopefully with no further injuries….I plan to try to do what I like to call ‘speed work’….maybe one Kms reps. We will see.






11km in cool and sunny conditions.Mostly paths with some small hills and having to cross four main roads.

Felt bad at half way…actually felt bad whole second half but knew I was not going far so struggled on.

Weight 66.6 Kgm ( slowly getting the weight off)

Slowed when passing young guy to give him some encouragement….so that’s an excuse for being slow. Plus my right quad still hurting especially if I try to run up hill.

I used to say that I could race one minute per Km faster than I train. Not sure if that’s still true but sounds good.

Today’s run


I see I still have a long way to go.

Day 2: The adventure continues.

39 minute out and back run (21 &18).

Still very slow with right quad still hurting. Pain in my back seems to disappear when I run!

Weight 67.1 Kgm.

My first aim is to be able to run without pain and at a decent pace. I will test myself over a half marathon in a week or so to see what level my fitness is at ( or is not at).

50 push ups and 200 stomach crunches. An attempt to gain a little strength in my upper body and work my abs.

First Day of Training.

Ran 8 Km.


Paths/grass/some hills/lots of turns.

Temperature 10 degrees: Windy/overcast

Weight: 67.6 (Aim to be 66 or less by Marathon date).

Condition: left knee sore at start…..found run reasonably hard.Felt heavy and a little trouble with back. Right quad a little sore.