11km in cool and sunny conditions.Mostly paths with some small hills and having to cross four main roads.

Felt bad at half way…actually felt bad whole second half but knew I was not going far so struggled on.

Weight 66.6 Kgm ( slowly getting the weight off)

Slowed when passing young guy to give him some encouragement….so that’s an excuse for being slow. Plus my right quad still hurting especially if I try to run up hill.

I used to say that I could race one minute per Km faster than I train. Not sure if that’s still true but sounds good.

Today’s run


I see I still have a long way to go.

4 thoughts on “LONG ROAD AHEAD

  1. I am in my 2 nd week of a 20 week training schedule . After reading your blog I feel skittle better . This is my 3 rd marathon coming up needless to say my body is not feeling to good . My legs feel like 100 pounds each so much aches and pains that I have never had 😦 thank you for posting this blog . It’s encouraging me to just run. Off for only a 3 mile run today . Enjoy your day

    • Thanks for your comment Good luck with your marathon training. As you have already done a couple of Marathons you know what to expect. Which Marathon are you planning to run? Take care. Jon

  2. Go Jon! Never give up!!

  3. Morning Jon, just so happens today is also my rest day. I am running the NYC Marathon in November. I am really enjoying your blog. Thank you I always love reading about runners and how they get ready for marathons . Have a great day

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