Tomorrow is the 53rd running of the Lodge 8/16 Km. Computer records only show the last 15 years’ results and I see I have missed this race 3 times in those years. But two of those misses have been the last two years.

Today only 3km leg stretcher. 70 push ups and 200 stomach crunches.I think I am still carrying too much fat around my stomach.

Left knee still sore but I hope that  the pain will disappear once the race gets underway tomorrow. Usually…well always…I ice after running…but not sure it is that is the best for my aches at the moment.I am putting some heat on my quad and behind my knee.Will this help??

For the race tomorrow  in the 70s most people ran the 16 Km option. But nowadays the field is a lot smaller for the longer race and the majority of runners chose the 8 Km.

I will try the 8 Km race.Its fairly flat and on paths so no great difficulty there.Its 4km out and 4 Km back.Not that exciting a route but should be fun running with others.


2 thoughts on “RACE TOMORROW

  1. Good luck tomorrow. It is great that you have so many races to enter.

  2. Thanks. I am running for Old Scotch Club today which races against other Public School Old Boy club. We have a season on 13 races. All the Old Boy Clubs combine into a club called APS and we compete in Athletic Victoria’s program of 8 races. So it’s a busy running season.

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