8 Km race today.It went ok although I am still very slow. I tried to run a bit faster but I really need to run a few more faster Km at training.

Finished 2nd in age group and 25 th on Handicap and 35 th fastest. An OK result but it shows how far off the pace I still am. Second week of training starts Monday.

Km pace was


Race was a little over 8 Km and I ran the last couple of hundred meters at 3.42 pace. Pity I can only do this for short burst.

A start even if not a great one….at least I felt I was sort of running. Sore quad and sore back did not really slow me.


3 thoughts on “RACE

  1. Good stuff. I think you need a bit more aerobic training. Look up Maffetone!

  2. Yes,you are correct. Taking it slowly so far. Will race at Surfers Paradise tomorrow week and see how that goes.

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