A bit wimpy.

Felt tired today and didn’t really fancy running off  into the gloom by myself tonight. I am still lacking in will power.

Maybe the race on Sunday,the tooth extraction on Monday or the Hill running yesterday but I didn’t feel I could really run tonight. I may even blame the wrong medication I took! I have many excuses for wimping out.

Decided to do my session from the 80s which I used to do if I became sick or just could not run. That being a straight ONE HOUR RUN. Forget about getting any where and just run for 60 minutes.

Up to about 40 minutes I struggled ( especially on the hills )Image but after that I started to feel almost human. Got home in 59 minutes and kept running for another minute just to make the hour.

500 stomach crunches….90 push ups.

Plan to do better tomorrow.



After having my molar pulled out yesterday I was given some anti biotics to combate any inflection. Or so I thought. It fact I was given the wrong medication in error. Told to take two tablets daily I naturally complied only to receive a written note telling me of  the mistake and not to take what I had been given. Too late!!!

What I took can cause blurred vision,depression ( suicidal thoughts),mood swings,insomnia,confusion,feelings of being alone, hallucinations(!!!) ,memory loss…..and I forget what else.

I could not run today  as I did not feel that flash….

However my new shoes dragged me out into the road. Ran the first three Km ok and then I came to a hill. No, I came to The Hill. Very steep and very long. I tried to lift the pace and did so despite a few suicidal thoughts! With about a 100 m to go I started to hear this blowing moaning noise….took a while to realize it was I. After the summit it was about 400m down before another hill and then a few Kms to home.

Not a bad session considering…..my thoughts are that if  what I took was going to kill me I would be dead by now so it should be ok.



10 Km Road Championship…just a pass.

Raced the State 10 Km Road Championship today.

I suppose I ran ok although my time 47 something was pretty slow. I did not feel great at the start which was probably nerves. I am still scared of starting too fast and just crashing so probably took it too slow at the start.

My second half was 34 seconds faster than my first 5 Km and my last Km was easily my fastest. I passed a few other grey beards on the run home. However I made mistakes in the race by drafting behind other runners when running into the wind when I should have had  the courage to pass them. I did beat a few runners who have beaten me throughout the season.

My main problem I think is that my training is too slow. I rarely run sub 5 minute Kms at training and more likely run closer to 5.30 pace. When I try to run races at 4.30 pace I notice the difference immediately. I can finish a race at close to 4 min pace for the last Km but can not approach this pace at the start of a race and still hope to finish well.


Took my new shoes out for their first spin. Only 3 Km which is what I always do the evening before a race. Not sure this helps or hinders my race but I want to run every day. Shoes felt good…nice and soft. I seemed to be hitting the ground pretty hard but maybe that’s just me.

Tomorrow is the State 10 Km championship. I don’t expect anything particulary good but I would like to run up to my current level of fitness.

I was in Japan this time last year and the humidity was hell! I promised myself then I would never complain again about the cold. However today’s temperature and wind made me happy I was only going for a short jog!


Sportsmart ( of which I am a member) are having a shoe sale so I took the opportunity to buy some shoes to be used for my Marathon Come Back.

I have been training in Mizuno which I purchased in Japan and which I find excellent. The price of running shoes in Japan is fantastic compared to what you pay in Australia. For a $250 shoe in Australia I can get the same shoe for around $100 in Tokyo. Actually if I buy last season’s model in Japan I can often get it cheaper than that. In my apartment in Tokyo I have 18 pairs of running shoes. Maybe too many.

Today I purchased a pair of Asics for $85. They weigh 284 grams. My Mizuno which I train weigh 295 gms. I have racing flats from Japan which are Adidas. They weigh 209 gms. I will use my racing flats over 10km in the race tomorrow. For someone like me I don’t think super light shoes were suitable for the Marathon. But for a shortish race they should be OK.

I will take my new shoes out for a short spin today. I will try them for a few runs after that and maybe over a long run of say 35 Km.Image


Normally I only run a few easy Kms on a Friday in anticipation of the Saturday race. Running for either Old Scotch or A.P.S United. However the race this week end is on Sunday. It’s the State Road 10 Km Championship. This was the race I ran my PB at in 1987.

I thought an easy 7 Km today as my legs have been feeling a bit tired as of late. ( I use any excuse). However after about 2 Km I felt I was struggling. Not even race pace and I am in trouble. I was on grass which I hate but that’s no excuse. ( yes it is).

I managed to push on and when I could think about finishing I managed to run a little faster. Not fast,but faster. Got home in 30.47 which is an ok time ( at least for me currently).

Weight 67.3….so still carrying a bit of flab.

400 stomach crunches…..one day I will have the will power to do 1000.

60 push ups…..I find these hard….often chest hurts and I think I am having a heart attack!