Heart Rate Monitor

Pulled the old HR Monitor out of the closet today and took it around the blog in a fairly easy jog of 3km. Yesterday I ran 19 Km which is far short of a Marathon but I found it reasonably hard so today was an easier run,although I did finish reasonably hard.

I am not really sure how to interpret my HR results which were as follows per Km.

First Km 5.26 with Max HR 177 and Average HR 148. ( This involved a short sharp hill)

Second Km 4.59   Max 164 Average 140

Third Km 4.28    Max 144 Average 144

Back of knee a little sore at the start and quad still a bit sore. I am putting ice on after each run and heat on my leg during the day. I am massaging my hamstring with  Voltarin before I run…I think that helps.


4 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitor

    • Thanks.Interesting article. My heart rate seems way higher…or at least it was on my short run today. I don’t think that that formula really applies to me. I plan to do some longer runs soon and will see what my trusty HR monitor tells me then. Thanks again.

  1. I have not read much lately but I remember the old formula of 220 less your age…my case 160…being your maximum heart rate. I would look for run a percentage of that for different training sessions. This Tri guy writing the article sounds convincing but I would not put too much faith in his plan.
    I think the key to running a good marathon is simply long runs and speed. Not keeping your heart rate at 125 (180-60 +5). 🙂

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