Only an easy 3 Km today. DId not feel too bad for once although I still have pain in my quads and am icing them now. Later will try a spot of heat.

I did 200 stomach crunches this morning. 350 done yesterday. I suppose I could try and do 500 a day. Sometimes I lack the will power. I have been doing 50-70 push ups a day. Yesterday I had pain in my chest and I wondered if my heart rate monitor telling me my HR was 227 was correct. Anyway I will skip the push ups today.

When the first Rocky movie came out everyone was doing one handed push ups…well people I knew were…I ended up with chest pain after that as well.

Tomorrow I go to Surfers Paradise in Queensland.A bit of sun and surf.


One thought on “REST DAY

  1. Good stuff. I admire that you never miss a day!

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