Race tomorrow in Queensland.

Yesterday fly to surfers Paradise. Only a short jog around the street in the dark.

Today I will also just go for a short jog.

I have managed to catch a cold and am young to shake it off before the race tomorrow.

Race starts at 6 AM which for me is very very early. I would prefer to race in the afternoon. But no doubt the organizers are scared of the heat. I M not sure if I have ever actually started a race in the dark in my life.

Apart from my cold I am defending reasonable. Back of knee still hurts and pain was bad yesterday in my quads but today seems a bit better.

Not aiming for anything wonderful tomorrow..just want to run solidly and not give up.


3 thoughts on “Race tomorrow in Queensland.

  1. Hope yr cold is better. Lots of lemon and liquids and a Panadol for the head
    Good luck for run

    • Thanks…..managed to shake off over night to some extent. I don’t think flying in planes helps(or being on a train for that matter).

  2. Looking forward to the race report!!

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