Half Marathon run/Third week of Training

Started my third week of Marathon come back training with a 20 minute run yesterday and a 50 minute run along the beach today. Great to run here at Surfers Paradise. Running along the sand with the wind behind is really enjoyable.


I got up at 4 AM and got to the start around 5 for a 6 AM start in the dark. I think this is the first time I have ever started a race in the dark.

Lately I have been feeling a little bit dizzy in the first couple of Kms of a race so I was pleased to feel reasonable today.On the Saturday I managed to catch a cold but I don’t think this had an effect of my race. My sore knee or quad did not trouble me.

I have also had trouble running distance as of late and was not sure how far I could go with out stopping to a walk.

My legs started to hurt around 11km which I thought did not bode well for a Marathon. But I had a drink of water and had a sugary sweet and that seemed to lift me a bit.

When I got to 17 Km I felt I would be able to finish and started passing people telling myself that it was less than 4 to go and anyone can run 4 Km. But I was still a little afraid to try to go faster as I was still scared of breaking down.

In the last Km I did run a bit faster…4.36….again running into people. In the last 300 m I passed another half dozen but decided against an all out sprint as I usually become dizzy if I run too fast at the end of a race and stop suddenly. Last 300 was at 4.09 pace.


Time 1-43.02

Place: 1496 out of 10,342

Age group…22nd out of 129

Generally pleased with my run….nothing flash time wise but happy not to stop to a walk or get injured or sick.Finished OK with my last 5 Km 45 seconds faster than my first 5 Km.




4 thoughts on “Half Marathon run/Third week of Training

  1. You did very well. Gambatte till the marathon!

  2. Great run, Jon. You must be on the road to a good marathon in October!

  3. Keep up the training, and you will be fit and ready to rock that marathon after 23 years! My 71 year old mother just ran her first 5k last week, so anything is possible. Good luck!

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