Ran my standard 8 Km course today but altered it to add a couple of hills.

First Hill is long and steep and comes just before the 3km mark. I could have run it hard but I knew that if I did I would probably not have the will power to continue. Second Hill comes 80m later and that whilst just as steep is no where near as long.Took them both moderately but I could certainly hear my breathing near the top (summit?).

I ran a  couple of more moderate hills and then a series of fairly easy rolling hills…ok maybe call them “inclines”….over the last two Kms.I ran them a bit faster or what I call faster.Left hammy a little sore but that will pass.

Time: 42.38

Temperature 12 degrees….certainly felt colder.

Weight 66.8 ….not bad after eating out whilst at Surfers Paradise.

Push ups…40.    Stomach crunches …300


One thought on “HILLS

  1. Excellent report. I will be in Nagano for the weekend and will have to throw in a lot of hills.

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