RACE TOMORROW/ More resting.

As I am racing tomorrow I took it easy and ran only 3 Km. Still finding it a bit cold. Hamstring bit  painful. Put on my compression leggings after the run. I am not sure these help that much but they probably don’t hurt.

TODAY: 50 Push-ups and 300 stomach crunches. Think I am still carrying a bit of fat around my stomach. But I can work this off once I get into some longer running….and maybe even some speed work if my body can handle it.

RACE: It’s a rather unusual relay where every runner runs two legs each of 3kms. For many years past the APS clubs have held this race in the bush. A long drive. It was only 3.2 Km ( twice) but it was quite hard with a couple of steep hills at the start and then running thru an assault course. Occasionally it rained so after your first run you were wet as well as muddy.The track always seemed wet and after the race it was always very cold. BUT now the venue of the race has changed and we run at a rather boring track at a park. At least it is close and probably no hills to speak of. OK I suppose but lacks a little of the romance of the previous course up in the sticks.


2 thoughts on “RACE TOMORROW/ More resting.

  1. Good luck and enjoy!

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