REST DAY : sort of

After long drive back from the beach house plus the effects of the hill running last night in the rain,the 25 Km run in the wind on Sunday and the double race on Saturday I was feeling I needed a rest day.

After the first Km I was feeling pretty miserable…and then I saw this young women running with her dog….her stride was twice mine….anyway I had to get past….slow as I am I can’t get beaten by dog walkers( or runners). So felt even worse but luckily a corner came up so I could run and hide!

Finished strongly after I had recovered a bit so that was ok.


3 thoughts on “REST DAY : sort of

  1. Also to not get beaten by:

    -people in tracksuits
    -people in basketball boots
    -kids under 10!

    Some dogs are pretty fast though!

  2. Dogs seem to just trot along in a casual manner and out distance me with ease.

  3. Hi jon it’s great you training! I read your blog and your herd traning!!
    I hop your training well!!
    Josie told me aboud your blog and it’s graet!!

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