Took my fancy imported trail shoes out for spin today in anticipation of the race in the bush on Saturday. I don’t really like them and they seem to make a flopping sound. But as they say…a bad workman blames his tools.

Ran feeling none too flash for about three Km and then came to THE HILL. It’s a Category One climb of 15 Km thru the Alps….or maybe it’s 400m on a back street in Melbourne. Anyhow it was hard enough for me. Seemed to sound like a sick wombat on the decent but picked it up a little ( passed some slow moving trees) for the last couple Km.

50 push ups today and 400 stomach crunches. I have also an old sit up bench and I managed two sets of 20 with a 10 pound weight held too my chest. Slowly slowly improving my abs. Just have to find them under a layer of fat.


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