Race tomorrow is the one whereI fell

Only a run for 3 Km today (although quite fast) plus 400 stomach crunches and 50 push ups as there is a hard race coming up tomorrow. Also my quads felt a little sore from the 15 Km run yesterday…maybe jumping over puddles! Maybe I am old and fat!

Tomorrow is the Hare & Hounds race at Berwick. I have run this race probably 20 times or more. But last year was memorable as the only race I have ever failed to finish.

The Hare & Hounds is only 8 or 9 Km (estimates vary) but is very hard. Youhave a very hard hill about three Km from the start which consists of long (usually wet) grass with big piles of mud everywhere (it seems). I make it my target to get up it with walking which I have always done. Later in the race there is a wire farm gate which you have to climb which always swings and wobbles.

In this race the slower guys start first (the Hares) and the fast guys start last (the Hounds). When I say ‘Guys” I mean Men and Women….there is no segregation in this race. I usually start just behind the hares and get run down by the Hounds near the end. I think I have finished in the top 10 a few times and  finished 5 th once.

Last year I arrived back fromJapan on the Friday night and ran on the Saturday. (Mistake!)

Last year I was passing people quite easily when I  saw three young guys ahead going down a hll. I thought I will take all three with a surge (such as I ever surge) and impress them. (Mistake). As I  caught them I became air borne and fell breaking a few ribs and cutting my head open. So DNF for me…..

A very nice nurse stitched me up that evening so I could train the next day.

Tomorrow I will try and show some intelligence….not usual for me!!


2 thoughts on “Race tomorrow is the one whereI fell

  1. Good luck and be safe!!

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