After a hard and fairly miserable race in the mountains on Saturday and my recovery run yesterday turning into a hard run with me running my best time for that route,I was feeling a bit stiff and sore in my quads  and ankles today. I thought about a long run but it was cold and windy and the idea of plodding off by myself for hours on end did not appeal.

I remembered an old Marathon Training trick from back in the 80s and decided to employ it. The idea is to run in one direction for an hour and then turn around and run home. Thus even if I lack the will power to get out and push myself at least I would get a 2 hour run in.

It was 11 degrees but the wind made it feel a lot colder. I wore a hat and sun glasses so I could sort of hide within myself. Made it to my usual turning point by taking a few odd turns to add to the distance,in 61 minutes….got home in 55 minutes so had only to run another 4 minutes past my house to get the 2 hours.

This is start of 5 th week….how time flys ! I can manage a couple of hours running but that hardly cuts it Marathon wise.I have a very long way to go both physically and mentally.

Pulled up ok today after the run. Weight is now 65.7.

200 stomach crunches and 50 push ups today. It would be nice to say I did 100 push ups and 1000 stomach crunches every day but unfortunately I am too lazy for that.Maybe come summer…?



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