REST DAY : Easy run

After a hard race Saturday,hard training run Sunday and 2 hours yesterday I considered it time for a rest day. I seem to be getting headaches in the wind when I run so as today was cold and windy it seemed a good idea to just relax and put my feet up.

Light rain for the first two Kms and then it eased off. I wore a hat which I know is a bit weak but I am not handling the wind too well as of late.

With about a Km or so to go I went over the last hill hard ( well actually hard for me…maybe not really hard) and considered running the last Km as fast as I could. But I remembered today was my day off so just cruised home in my normal slow foot pace. Just shows how smart I can be. šŸ™‚

In the good old days ( the 80s) the idea was to run say 12 at lunch time and maybe 20 in the afternoon on a Monday. Looked great in the diary. But 25 or so years later I lack the will power…and probably the body power….to run twice a day.Nowadays I need days off and find it hard to really push it. But maybe that will come later. I need a stronger will it seems.

400 crunches today followed by 50 push-ups.


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