SPEED PLAY: It’s not 1984 anymore.

Had a bit of a head ache and a tooth ache today so did not feel up to getting out on the road in the wind this afternoon.

Ran the first 3 Km at a steady pace and then tried a short sprint. Back in the 80s I used to do something called Fartlek which means speed play. You pick a point like a tree a short way off and run hard to it ! Or that’s the plan. Then you repeat and repeat.

After the first sprint I felt a bit sick…did I feel like this in 1984? I did 4 more ‘sprints’ and started to feel really bad. As luck would have it some folk walking along the path asked for directions. Excuse to stop. 

Managed to run another 5 short sprints till I made it home. Not sure what anyone watching would have made of this strange looking guy struggling along a path and then erupting into an all out sprint for no particular reason. It’s called Speed Play….I show little speed and I seem to have missed out some what on the play part of it.



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