30 second efforts.

Another cold windy day.8 degrees but feels like 5 according to the Weather Wall. Felt a lot colder to me,especially with the wind. I hate the heat but now I am also hating the cold…or what I call cold.

Difficult again to push myself out the door. I suppose the idea should be to toughen up but I still wimped out and wore a T shirt. I need to work on my will power.

Ran the first 3 Km or so into a head wind and then turned to run home putting in some 30 second hard efforts. I don’t think I ran that fast but did manage to do 6 of these.Certainly not easy but hopefully my body is taking note and adapting.

Weight is 67.3. My target for Marathon day is 66.0 so I am not that worried about being a bit hefty at this stage.


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