Normally I only run a few easy Kms on a Friday in anticipation of the Saturday race. Running for either Old Scotch or A.P.S United. However the race this week end is on Sunday. It’s the State Road 10 Km Championship. This was the race I ran my PB at in 1987.

I thought an easy 7 Km today as my legs have been feeling a bit tired as of late. ( I use any excuse). However after about 2 Km I felt I was struggling. Not even race pace and I am in trouble. I was on grass which I hate but that’s no excuse. ( yes it is).

I managed to push on and when I could think about finishing I managed to run a little faster. Not fast,but faster. Got home in 30.47 which is an ok time ( at least for me currently).

Weight 67.3….so still carrying a bit of flab.

400 stomach crunches…..one day I will have the will power to do 1000.

60 push ups…..I find these hard….often chest hurts and I think I am having a heart attack!

6 thoughts on “EASY FRIDAY NOT SO EASY

  1. Hi John,
    What was that PB back in 1987?

  2. Hi Jon,

    You sounded like you really wanted to stop but you did the hard thing and kept going. I’m also impressed that you wanted/managed to complete 400 crunches and 60 press-ups afterwards. Keep up the good ‘comeback’.

  3. I also like to do some strength trainiing after my run, but I’ll never be able to do as much as you are doing on a “bad” day! Well done!

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