Sportsmart ( of which I am a member) are having a shoe sale so I took the opportunity to buy some shoes to be used for my Marathon Come Back.

I have been training in Mizuno which I purchased in Japan and which I find excellent. The price of running shoes in Japan is fantastic compared to what you pay in Australia. For a $250 shoe in Australia I can get the same shoe for around $100 in Tokyo. Actually if I buy last season’s model in Japan I can often get it cheaper than that. In my apartment in Tokyo I have 18 pairs of running shoes. Maybe too many.

Today I purchased a pair of Asics for $85. They weigh 284 grams. My Mizuno which I train weigh 295 gms. I have racing flats from Japan which are Adidas. They weigh 209 gms. I will use my racing flats over 10km in the race tomorrow. For someone like me I don’t think super light shoes were suitable for the Marathon. But for a shortish race they should be OK.

I will take my new shoes out for a short spin today. I will try them for a few runs after that and maybe over a long run of say 35 Km.Image



  1. I love asics. It’s a shoe that seems to last longer than others. Good luck!

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