10 Km Road Championship…just a pass.

Raced the State 10 Km Road Championship today.

I suppose I ran ok although my time 47 something was pretty slow. I did not feel great at the start which was probably nerves. I am still scared of starting too fast and just crashing so probably took it too slow at the start.

My second half was 34 seconds faster than my first 5 Km and my last Km was easily my fastest. I passed a few other grey beards on the run home. However I made mistakes in the race by drafting behind other runners when running into the wind when I should have had  the courage to pass them. I did beat a few runners who have beaten me throughout the season.

My main problem I think is that my training is too slow. I rarely run sub 5 minute Kms at training and more likely run closer to 5.30 pace. When I try to run races at 4.30 pace I notice the difference immediately. I can finish a race at close to 4 min pace for the last Km but can not approach this pace at the start of a race and still hope to finish well.


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