After having my molar pulled out yesterday I was given some anti biotics to combate any inflection. Or so I thought. It fact I was given the wrong medication in error. Told to take two tablets daily I naturally complied only to receive a written note telling me of  the mistake and not to take what I had been given. Too late!!!

What I took can cause blurred vision,depression ( suicidal thoughts),mood swings,insomnia,confusion,feelings of being alone, hallucinations(!!!) ,memory loss…..and I forget what else.

I could not run today  as I did not feel that flash….

However my new shoes dragged me out into the road. Ran the first three Km ok and then I came to a hill. No, I came to The Hill. Very steep and very long. I tried to lift the pace and did so despite a few suicidal thoughts! With about a 100 m to go I started to hear this blowing moaning noise….took a while to realize it was I. After the summit it was about 400m down before another hill and then a few Kms to home.

Not a bad session considering…..my thoughts are that if  what I took was going to kill me I would be dead by now so it should be ok.




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