A bit wimpy.

Felt tired today and didn’t really fancy running off  into the gloom by myself tonight. I am still lacking in will power.

Maybe the race on Sunday,the tooth extraction on Monday or the Hill running yesterday but I didn’t feel I could really run tonight. I may even blame the wrong medication I took! I have many excuses for wimping out.

Decided to do my session from the 80s which I used to do if I became sick or just could not run. That being a straight ONE HOUR RUN. Forget about getting any where and just run for 60 minutes.

Up to about 40 minutes I struggled ( especially on the hills )Image but after that I started to feel almost human. Got home in 59 minutes and kept running for another minute just to make the hour.

500 stomach crunches….90 push ups.

Plan to do better tomorrow.


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