The Impotance of the Long Run for Marathon running.


My belief is that the Long Run is the corner stone of Marathon running. Not only does it help with endurance but also helps you prepare your mind for being out for such a long time. 4 hours is a long time…personally I am never even on my feet for that long. Although hopefully when I do make my Melbourne Marathon come back I will be a bit faster than that. Well I hope so…although I am still slow and also lacking in endurance.

I believe that the Long Run should not be just a slow jog accumulating time on your feet but a run that causes a fair amount of stress…both physically and mentally.

TOMORROW I am going to Albert Park lake and run around and around and around. I want to run at a steady pace and have my pace in the last 5 Km roughly the a same as my first  five km.

I am not really sure I can do it. Tamami will pace me for some of the run. This will help as I am still a bit mentally weak.

Today was only a short jog. 

500 stomach crunches and 100 push ups.


CROSS TRAINING: Any use at all for runners?

I have always thought that Cross Training was pretty much a waste of time as far as improving your running was concerned. Splashing around in a pool…sitting motionless on a bike as it rolled down hill….sitting on a yoga mat in a strange position. My thought was that although such things may possibly give you some sort of health benefits,   you are not going to run any faster as a result of doing such. A runner runs.

However I do pay for a gym membership so today I thought I may as well turn up and get my monies worth. I used a machine called an Eliptical which is sort of like stepping up stairs…well sort of like it. My thinking is that I could get some sort of benefit by doing 30 minutes on this thing whilst at the same time not hitting the ground.

I am not sure this will help me much…maybe if I did an hour or say 90 minutes it would be better….but I call today a rest day. Fun to try something new.

Short run in the rain this afternoon.

Stomach crunches 500. Push ups 100. ( This is my aim but I am too lazy)Image

How to Run when you get older.


I have always held that age should not really be an excuse for running slowly. Now that I am well into my 60s I still think my lack of current speed is due to injuries plus a total absence of speed work,rather than the fact that I am in my 7 th decade. However I am beginning to agree that age may be a factor….but not a major one.

In my Tokyo running club we have a 65 year old American guy who runs under 18 for 5 Km and just over 3 hours for the Marathon. True these are not super fast times but they are enough to hold your own in a general fun run.

There is also some guy in Japan who runs 2-32 for the Marathon at age 64. Again he will not be winning any Olympic medals but it’s still faster than most of us have run…well faster than I have run anyway.

My thinking is that the key to running well as you get older is to first,run and secondly run fast ( meaning track work or intervals ).

As for me after running 28 Km yesterday I took it easy today ( concession to age maybe…or maybe I am lazy). Tamami was running 21km so I ran out to meet her and ran the last 4 Km with her…giving me a total of 8km.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 90



Long Run of a sort.Quite hard


I wanted to run 35 Km this morning but almost from the start I knew I was going to struggle.

After 19 Km I planned to do a u turn and rerun an 8 Km section of path which I had just run. But I just lacked the mental strength to make that turn. Instead I simply ran the9 Km home to give me a total of 28 Km. I probably could have tacked on another 7 Km at the end but just lacked the strength of mind to do this. Plus if I had I may have ended up running at 6 minute per Km pace and told myself  that’s really not running.

I ate a banana before I started and am not sure that helped or hindered me.

Ate two gels and stopped for water three times.

weight 64.5 Kgm (about 141 pounds).

Temperature was 21 degrees and sunny. I wore a T shirt which was probably the wrong thing to wear. I found the weather pretty warm. If I can avoid racing in warm weather I will.

I don’t think today was necessarily a bad run. But probably not a good one either. I think I also got a little bored being out there by myself. I will try  do better later in the week  with another longish run.


Being a tourist does not help your running.


After stomping  around Sydney for the last 4 days ( not to mention the hilly golf course) my legs felt terrible. I only ran 6 or 7 Km each evening whilst away ( and yesterday at 11PM far less than that) so I thought I would feel fresh when I got back to old Melbourne Town. Not so.

Legs too weary to run tonight. But a runner runs ,so out I went.

First Km was pretty poor. I looked at my shadow and it looked like a sick elephant. Tamami ran with me and seemed to just float along. By 3 Kms I was finished so I put in some surges to drop Tamami San. But I just couldn’t get away. Finally with one Km to go she fell behind. Instead of running away I waited for her. I am so good!

How sad it is that I can’t run Tamami into the ground anymore.

I am planning to run long tomorrow morning. How will that go? We shall see.


Running each day…every day.

I run everyday of the year without fail. Some days are long…most are not. Some days are very short. Yesterday was very short. But it was a run. Not a great run but a run.

Yesterday morning was spent walking the streets of Sydney stopping now and then for a cup of coffee.Pavement was hard…but do I complain? Well not much.

In the afternoon went to the Beach side suburb of Sydney called Bondi. Fantastic weather.Went to a local golf course and did the good husband thing and caddied for Tamami. It was a pretty short course so Tamami played it twice. Oh that was fun!

Train to airport…waiting around…flight home …drive home from airport. Finally got home at 10.30PM. Went out for run immediately. Legs felt terrible but I put that down to driving from the airport plus sitting in the plane….not to mention stomping around a very hilly golf course.

Back now in Melbourne….time to stop being a wimp and start pushing myself harder.