Trying to out run Trees

Apart from my lack of stamina and strength my main defect is my lack of speed. Also may be carrying a bit of weight at 67 kilos.

At my age and having run for quite a while I probably can do little to increase my VO2 max. However I think if I can incorporate some harder running into my training I may be able to out run those slow moving trees.

Today Tamami San drove me 10kms from home and left me! I ran the first 6 Kms at a moderate pace….did not feel that easy as I was not too sure of the pace. I then stopped and walked across a road taking a short break.

I ran the last 4km at a faster pace.Not familiar with this sort of thing I probably ran the first 500m too fast.Still I struggled on. I must have run reasonably well as near the end I told myself I would not be doing this again in a hurry.

I think this was a reasonable session. I can mix this up with other training as well.

500 crunches…60 push ups.



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