TRAINING in the Rain

When I ran in the heat of Tokyo this time last year I promised myself I would never complain about running in cold weather again. So I will not do so now BUT running in the rain this afternoon was not super fun. I decided to wear minimum clothing to maybe toughen me up. Sounds good but that thought only sustains me for about one minute.

Tomorrow is an APS race where I run for Old Scotch AAC. It’s called the Wise Mini Marathon,named after Graham Wise who used to host these runs up till his death a few years ago. It used to be a choice of Half,quarter or eighth Marathon. Now it’s a Half Marathon,10km and 5 Km.

Perhaps I should run the half but the field is so small I am afraid I may be out there on my lonesome. The Half Marathon Race is divided into two with the SLOW POKES ( 100 minute plus) being sent off first. The REAL runners start later. I would be a slow body if I ran.

I will run the 10km tomorrow. But now I will rug up. It’s not really cold. Not really.


One thought on “TRAINING in the Rain

  1. I’d rather run in the snow than a cold rain!

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