My plan today was to run 11 Km to the start of an 8 Km race I did earlier this year,do the 8 Km race and then run another 11 Km home.

But I miscalculated  and the total run was 27 Km. It took me 2 hors and 30 minutes.

There was a strong head wind for the first 10km and light rain throughout but this does not really mean much as it was only a training run so the harder the conditions the better.

I am still lacking in stamina and found this a very long run even though it’s far short of the Marathon distance. The sight of me going up the last hills near the end must have looked funny as I was  trying to drive with my arms into the rain  but was barely moving forward.

I found the hills harder than I thought I would.

My last Km was my fastest but I think that was only because I wanted to finish and get out of the rain.

I am still trying to work on my will power and push myself more. My next run must be better.

Weight 65.4 Kgm

One thought on “LONG RUN: 27 Km

  1. Great run and well done. Now let’s see you hit 30km in the next 2 weeks.

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