Good Solid Run

Ran a reasonably good 20km today.

Friend ( Peter)  called and wanted a long run. I have planned to run long on Sunday but was happy to run 20km with him.

Peter is a known for his killer starts but I managed to get him to slow a bit on the way out ( 10km). He was running on my turf so I was happy to continue to run each Km on the run home faster than the previous one. He kept up reasonably well….sort of. I have to say that he did do a hard 5 Km this morning before we met.

Nice to run with some one and chat as we ran…although his conversation seemed to drop off a bit in the last 5 Km. 🙂

We are both running the Melbourne Marathon in October.



One thought on “Good Solid Run

  1. Excellent stuff. Sounds like you have the makings of a good week.

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