Friday runs always a little hard

Maybe because it’s at the end of the working week Friday night for me always proves difficult. I am trying to strengthen my will power. Not sure if I am really getting anywhere.

It was cold and the wind made life miserable out on the road. But not a drop of rain. That was good. I wore a t shirt which is a bit weak but did not really make me feel any better in the wind.

Ran along next to a creek for a while. Many many puddles. I hate wet feet. Give me a road any day…a dry road.

When I turned for home I seemed to be running straight into a head wind. Funny how I did not seem to notice it behind me on the way out.

With about 3 Km to go I sort of tried a surge. Managed about 100m before I realized that was not such a great move. It is here where I lack will power.

With a Km I increased the pace….I am good when I smell home! Maybe not that fast but the effort was there. But I know I have a long way to go.

250 crunches…..hate these things.


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