Running at the Beach

Despite it being a cold wet and windy day in Melbourne town I decided to get down to the Beach house at Anglesea for a couple of nights.

As I ran 27 Km on Monday and almost 20 Km with friend Peter on Wednesday I felt I did not need to do much down at Anglesea.

Ran about 4 Km  around the streets with a fairly hard hill of about one Km at the end. Not a killer hill by any means but it certainly showed me what a long way to go I have before I can really run a Marathon.I tried to push it which I did but after finishing I sounded like a sick hippo.

500 stomach crunches. Zero push ups! ( Too lazy)


2 thoughts on “Running at the Beach

  1. 500 stomach crunches? Not my idea of a recovery day.

  2. Not much else to do on a cold wet day at the beach! 🙂

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