Getting ready for a Long Run.

Does running 30 Km qualify to be called a Long Run?   Regardless I am planning to run 30 Km tomorrow morning. Plan is to run 35 Km next week and then repeat that a few times. Some people train for the Marathon by running 40 Kms at training. I am not sure this is a great move. I would rather save the 40km run for the actual marathon race.

Today was a State Championship race way out in the bush.I decided not to run as staggering up wet muddy hills may be ok training to some extent but it’s not that helpful before a long turn the next day. Wife Tamami did run and did well. I was driver (200km!! ) and bag holder.

400 stomach crunches and 30 push ups.

Short jog to turn the legs over a bit.Image


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for a Long Run.

  1. Thanks for your driving today. I will help your tomorrow’s training.

  2. Anything over 24km qualifies for a long run!

    Well done to Tamami san.

  3. Ummmm…. YES! 30km is a long run! Great job. Keep it up!

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