The 30 rules of running.

Years ago I heard a talk by a 2-11 Marathon runner and coach. He said that when he started coaching he set out 30 rules which a runner must follow. But after a while he refined this to just 3 rules. Eventually,he said, he decided that there was really only one rule. That rule he said was ” A runner runs”.

Cross training,yoga and all the rest are nice….but if you want to be a runner you get out on the road ( or track) and run.Image

Today ( well actually everyday) I followed the rule and ran. I was lucky and although it was windy it only started raining after about 50 minutes and then not very hard.

My idea for this Marathon Campaign is to work on long runs. A long run once a week and a medium run mid week. I also race most week ends.

I ran about 16 Kms ( 10 miles) today. Started fairly slowly and came home at a steady rate. I did not bring my Garmin as I really didn’t want to know how slow I really am.

A bit of pain in my Achilles. Put some ice on.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 70 




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