Tomorrow’s Race is for bragging rights.

I run for Old Scotch Athletics Club in the A.P.S Competition. This consists of runners from 10 Public Schools ( which is Australia means Private schools). Since the mid 1920s the APS holds 13 races per year of various lengths ,terrain and levels of difficulty. Tomorrow is the last race of the Cross Country Season. It’s called the Cooke- Mclelland and I think tomorrow is the 79 th running of this race. It is a very very hard 8 Km over grass,gravel and roads.

My training partner Stuart and I have a competition between ourselves only  as to who is the best runner. Who ever beats the other in this one race lays claim to be the BEST RUNNER.  Over the last 15 years the score is now 8-6 in my favour. ( Last year we were both injured and did not run). Stuart is injured again so will not run so that will give victory to me. In our contest no excuses are allowed. You either win or lose. If you are a non starter then it’s a loss to you!

Three years ago I fell badly at the first down hill…cutting my hands,arm shoulder and head.I managed to stagger to my feet…and run down Stuart…despite one arm hanging limp at my side…I remind Stuart of this quite often.

Windy today…to say the least…easy run around the streets…first Km into a gale !

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 35.



3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Race is for bragging rights.

  1. Good luck with the race against yourself!

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