Final Race of the Season.Very Hard

Did not set any speed records in today’s race but glad to have finished well.

Today’s race was the last in the APS Cross season. A hard and hilly 8 Km which consisted of gravel paths….grassy hills…roads going up….roads going down…and hills….did I mention the hills? 

I started very very slowly and found myself right at the back after the first down hill run which to me seemed live endangering but to everyone else something that they could just zoom down. No zooming for me.

I picked up 20 or so places over the next 7 Km but generally only ran so so. Nothing flash. Just glad to get it done.

I ran every race this season. A few others managed this feat….not many….and are called Spartans.

As well as running for Old Scotch AC I also run for APS United in the State competition. There are two races left in that season. And then it’s onwards to the MARATHON.Image


2 thoughts on “Final Race of the Season.Very Hard

  1. That good looking bloke in the back row wouldn’t be Pete Battrick would it?

  2. Yes….we pushed him into the back row with all the top runners.

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