Hard Recovery Run in the rain

It is wet and very windy here in Melbourne. Had really no alternative but to start today’s recovery run in the rain. Luckily after about 20 minutes of fairly heavy rain it pretty much stopped and conditions were quite good for training. Wind was quite strong but that does not really mean much.

After yesterday’s hard race a recovery run was called for. Probably however I ran a bit too far and maybe a little too hard. About 15 or so Kms done. Pretty glad to just get home in the end.

Weight 66.1

Stomach crunches 460. Push ups 60.



2 thoughts on “Hard Recovery Run in the rain

  1. What happened to your long run?

  2. Not a good idea to have a long run the day after a hard race. Plan to run long on Tuesday. Today was a rest/ recovery day.

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