How to run in the Cold


The Weather Ap on my iPad said it was 8 degrees but feels like 3 when I started out this evening. I have vague plans of running LONG tomorrow so today can be considered a rest day.

The rain ( and hail) had stopped when I started but the wind was very nasty. On the way home my face started to freeze up as I ran into the wind for the last couple of Kms. I must have looked so slow!

When I ran in the heat and humidity of Tokyo last year I promised myself I would never complain about running in the cold again. So I sort of dont  go on about the cold in Melbourne.BUT… sure was cold.

The way to handle the cold when running is…..well I don’t know if there is any great way to cope…I think the only thing to do is go out the door and run.

Stomach Crunches 250. Push ups 60


2 thoughts on “How to run in the Cold

  1. I don’t know if this will cheer you up, but I once lived in Minnesota, which gets pretty darn cold in the winter. I would go out and run if the temperature was above 0 degrees F (about -18 C for you!) and the wind chill was above -10 degrees F (about -23.3 C). The funny thing is that I wasn’t the only one out there running, in the dark! I was young then. I’m not sure I have the fortitude now! LOL

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