Mistakes made in my training run.

I think I made a number of mistakes in yesterday’s attempt at a long run. I will try again next week as hopefully can do a bit better….well a lot better I would like to think.

Only a short run today.Very light rain did not stress me much but still it’s cold and very windy out on the road. Still the hardest step is probably the first one out the door. An easy recovery run.

YESTERDAY I had planned to run 35 Km ( 22 miles) but things did not go to plan.

I probably erred in my breakfast of two pieces of toast with weight watchers jam and a cup of coffee.I had breakfast at 8 o’clock ( yes I am a slow starter…lazy in other words). Maybe a better breakfast for a long run is needed.

I had another cup of coffee at 11 and then went running around 11.30. I felt a bit ill for the first 6 or 7 Km. Second cup of coffee was probably another mistake.

I had a sip of water at 14 Km….probably not enough. Mistake.

I had aN Energy Gel at 24 Km. Probably too late.

At 30.1 Km I stopped and had another Gel. Maybe I should not stop.I think I was using Gel as an excuse to rest. Not good.

I stopped again at 32km for a drink of water. Another excuse.

I run so so slowly I am out on the road for a very long time. I felt I was getting hungry after 3 hours of running. In a race I run faster but at training my pace is slower than 5 minutes per Km ( 8 minute per mile pace). Well actually my pace for the last 3 Km was over 6 minutes per Km.

Thanks for those folk who pointed out my many mistakes.

In addition to the above I am probably too heavy. Something to work on as well as all the other things.Image


Stomach Crunches 250. Push ups 60.



One thought on “Mistakes made in my training run.

  1. Thanks for your report. Far be it from me to give you advice, but I am not sure that you made so many mistakes. You might just have had an off day, as we all do. You forced yourself through it and you came out the other end.

    For long runs, I like to eat a good meal the night before and head out as early as possible and run on that. I probably have a banana or two and a yogurt before I leave, but the more I wait the chances are I will need to eat more on the run.

    Good luck next week.

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