How to run whilst on holidays.

Am still in Sydney and the weather is rather nice.About 22 degrees and little wind. Blue sky.

I am lazy and am not up to being a morning runner although I could well imagine that this is the smart thing to do. Up at the crack o dawn and get in a good hour or so before the office workers and tourists clog the streets. Not my cup of sake.

I run in the afternoon or the evening after spending the day doing the tourist thing. Meaning a lot of walking. I am not a fan of walking ( especially in a race!).

Today I managed to get out before 5 PM despite feeling a little leg weary. Ran about 30 minutes but at a reasonable clip.Pushed myself up the hills at something more than my dead man’s stagger. So it was a fair enough run.

As to how to run whilst on holidays the trick is to just go out the door and do it.



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