Being a tourist does not help your running.


After stomping  around Sydney for the last 4 days ( not to mention the hilly golf course) my legs felt terrible. I only ran 6 or 7 Km each evening whilst away ( and yesterday at 11PM far less than that) so I thought I would feel fresh when I got back to old Melbourne Town. Not so.

Legs too weary to run tonight. But a runner runs ,so out I went.

First Km was pretty poor. I looked at my shadow and it looked like a sick elephant. Tamami ran with me and seemed to just float along. By 3 Kms I was finished so I put in some surges to drop Tamami San. But I just couldn’t get away. Finally with one Km to go she fell behind. Instead of running away I waited for her. I am so good!

How sad it is that I can’t run Tamami into the ground anymore.

I am planning to run long tomorrow morning. How will that go? We shall see.



2 thoughts on “Being a tourist does not help your running.

  1. Good luck tomorrow. Looking forward to a more cheery report.

  2. Hope you have a good run tomorrow! Will check for updates on your blog.

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