Running each day…every day.

I run everyday of the year without fail. Some days are long…most are not. Some days are very short. Yesterday was very short. But it was a run. Not a great run but a run.

Yesterday morning was spent walking the streets of Sydney stopping now and then for a cup of coffee.Pavement was hard…but do I complain? Well not much.

In the afternoon went to the Beach side suburb of Sydney called Bondi. Fantastic weather.Went to a local golf course and did the good husband thing and caddied for Tamami. It was a pretty short course so Tamami played it twice. Oh that was fun!

Train to airport…waiting around…flight home …drive home from airport. Finally got home at 10.30PM. Went out for run immediately. Legs felt terrible but I put that down to driving from the airport plus sitting in the plane….not to mention stomping around a very hilly golf course.

Back now in Melbourne….time to stop being a wimp and start pushing myself harder.

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