Long Run of a sort.Quite hard


I wanted to run 35 Km this morning but almost from the start I knew I was going to struggle.

After 19 Km I planned to do a u turn and rerun an 8 Km section of path which I had just run. But I just lacked the mental strength to make that turn. Instead I simply ran the9 Km home to give me a total of 28 Km. I probably could have tacked on another 7 Km at the end but just lacked the strength of mind to do this. Plus if I had I may have ended up running at 6 minute per Km pace and told myself  that’s really not running.

I ate a banana before I started and am not sure that helped or hindered me.

Ate two gels and stopped for water three times.

weight 64.5 Kgm (about 141 pounds).

Temperature was 21 degrees and sunny. I wore a T shirt which was probably the wrong thing to wear. I found the weather pretty warm. If I can avoid racing in warm weather I will.

I don’t think today was necessarily a bad run. But probably not a good one either. I think I also got a little bored being out there by myself. I will try  do better later in the week  with another longish run.



5 thoughts on “Long Run of a sort.Quite hard

  1. I am not sure why you think 6 min/km pace is not running.

  2. I’d consider that a good run man but do remember you mentioned your legs felt weary the night before, you might benefit in running the couple of runs before you next long run as recovery. Good running man and I agree with Padraigjapan “I am not sure why you think 6 min/km pace is not running”

  3. Definitely skip the t-shirt!! I only wear them when the temp gets quite cold, perhaps 7 degrees (c) or lower.

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