How to Run when you get older.


I have always held that age should not really be an excuse for running slowly. Now that I am well into my 60s I still think my lack of current speed is due to injuries plus a total absence of speed work,rather than the fact that I am in my 7 th decade. However I am beginning to agree that age may be a factor….but not a major one.

In my Tokyo running club we have a 65 year old American guy who runs under 18 for 5 Km and just over 3 hours for the Marathon. True these are not super fast times but they are enough to hold your own in a general fun run.

There is also some guy in Japan who runs 2-32 for the Marathon at age 64. Again he will not be winning any Olympic medals but it’s still faster than most of us have run…well faster than I have run anyway.

My thinking is that the key to running well as you get older is to first,run and secondly run fast ( meaning track work or intervals ).

As for me after running 28 Km yesterday I took it easy today ( concession to age maybe…or maybe I am lazy). Tamami was running 21km so I ran out to meet her and ran the last 4 Km with her…giving me a total of 8km.

Stomach crunches 250. Push ups 90




One thought on “How to Run when you get older.

  1. Having (re)started running in my mid-60’s my experience has been that old injuries(lots of them), new injuries (asthma), and arthritis have taken at least a minute per mile off my pace. But I’m working in it…..

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