CROSS TRAINING: Any use at all for runners?

I have always thought that Cross Training was pretty much a waste of time as far as improving your running was concerned. Splashing around in a pool…sitting motionless on a bike as it rolled down hill….sitting on a yoga mat in a strange position. My thought was that although such things may possibly give you some sort of health benefits,   you are not going to run any faster as a result of doing such. A runner runs.

However I do pay for a gym membership so today I thought I may as well turn up and get my monies worth. I used a machine called an Eliptical which is sort of like stepping up stairs…well sort of like it. My thinking is that I could get some sort of benefit by doing 30 minutes on this thing whilst at the same time not hitting the ground.

I am not sure this will help me much…maybe if I did an hour or say 90 minutes it would be better….but I call today a rest day. Fun to try something new.

Short run in the rain this afternoon.

Stomach crunches 500. Push ups 100. ( This is my aim but I am too lazy)Image


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