The Impotance of the Long Run for Marathon running.


My belief is that the Long Run is the corner stone of Marathon running. Not only does it help with endurance but also helps you prepare your mind for being out for such a long time. 4 hours is a long time…personally I am never even on my feet for that long. Although hopefully when I do make my Melbourne Marathon come back I will be a bit faster than that. Well I hope so…although I am still slow and also lacking in endurance.

I believe that the Long Run should not be just a slow jog accumulating time on your feet but a run that causes a fair amount of stress…both physically and mentally.

TOMORROW I am going to Albert Park lake and run around and around and around. I want to run at a steady pace and have my pace in the last 5 Km roughly the a same as my first  five km.

I am not really sure I can do it. Tamami will pace me for some of the run. This will help as I am still a bit mentally weak.

Today was only a short jog. 

500 stomach crunches and 100 push ups.


3 thoughts on “The Impotance of the Long Run for Marathon running.

  1. How do feel about long runs increasing the capillaries in your muscle fibres which enables more oxygen to to reach those same muscles, not to mention growing the number and size of your mitochondria which helps sustain energy?

    OK, I was reading Runner7s World today.

  2. I love doing the long run, and couldn’t agree with you more that it’s so important to a training program.

    My problem is getting the motivation to do it in the first place. For whatever reason, it’s the run that I have the most difficulty persuading myself to do…the run when I have the most anxiety and doubts, even though I’ve covered the distance (or only a mile short of) before. When I have a good long run, I’m on a runners high for days, so I don’t know why I have such difficult getting started.

    Do you ever face that problem? And if so, how do you overcome it??

  3. I agree! Long runs are very important. Not only do they increase endurance, and teach your heart muscle to react to the stress, the mind also needs to develop the resistance and learn to adapt to an abnormal amount of physical energy being spent. Heart and mind, both very important to teach.

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