TAPER TIME : Solid 85 minutes

Just ran for time today. 45 minutes and then U turn and run home. Picked up the pace about 4/5 Kms from home and ran them hard….well hard for me. A bit less than 85 minutes.

Quad still a little sore and still feel the odd pain in my hammies. But over all not too bad.

Weight is 65.2 ( about 143 pounds) which I know is on the heavy side but my original aim was to go into this Marathon at 66.0 so I am still under that at least.

My main weakness…apart from being hellishly slow….is my lack of will power and strength of mind to keep going and not just give up and stop.Further sometimes when it is dark and raining I have to really push myself to get out the door to go running.So the ‘ Mental Thing’ is a Big Thing to me.

I reread a book I got a couple years back last night ( I sleep badly and read through the night ) ‘The Cutting Edge runner’. The chapter on Mental Training is very good.The author gives Seven Mental Training Strategies. I have read this chapter three times and underlined key points in red. Now to try and follow what is preached.Image


Pain in quad so changed plans

Instead of running 20 Km I just ran 6 Km. My quad is still sore so I decided to do 20 Km tomorrow and take an easy day.

I read an article by the Great Joan Benoit who said as she gets older she listens more to her body and does not act  like a slave to her training schedule. She would never miss a work out when she was young  even if she was ill or injured. Now in her mid 50s she only trains once a day ( well she did say mostly once a day) and only does one day of speed work a week.

Only two weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon. True I have a few aches and pains but who doesn’t?


Sore Quad

My right quad is very sore. I have tried ice,heat,self massage with nurofen,wearing compression shorts…nothing seems to help. However I am not too concerned as I have  over two weeks till I attempt to run the Melbourne Marathon for the first time in 23 years. I think this pain is mainly due to the weight which I hit the ground and the length of some of my training runs on a hard flat road.

Today I only went for a short jog….maybe a bit of rest may help. I also walked 3 Km. Maybe that will help my poor quad. Walking is so amazingly boring and really does nothing for fitness but I am willing to try anything. At the start of this year when I was badley injured and could not run I used to go for walks for a couple of hours..thankfully such is in the past now.

Did my usual 200 stomach crunches and 40 push plus associated stretching exercises. Not sure if this helps anything but why not….

Tonight I will have a deep tissue massage….hopefully I will feel better after that.

Received my bulk order of Running Gels today. Now that’s one plus for the day.Image

Does a 2 Hour run equal a Medium Long run?


As it is Wednesday I thought a medium long run was in order. But I lack the will power for even the shorter runs sometimes. I thought maybe 29 Km. Sounds easy enough…run 14.5 Km and then turn around and run home …total 29 Km.

But I could not  raise the determination to push myself out the door to do this so decided to try something else.

Instead of running a set distance I would try for a set time. I decided to run for 2 hours and not measure the distance.

Decided to run in the hotest part of the day and not take any water or gels. Not stop for road cossings or mobs of kangaroos or anything. Just run without stopping for two hours.

Managed to do this with out too much trouble. Fine. But its only TWO hours.  Even though I did not use the Garmin to measure the distance I knew it was about 22 or so kms ( I am slow!). Its is a fair way short of the real thing.

It may not have been a real ‘ medium long run’ but at least I got out the door and stretched my legs a bit.

Hope I can actually run this Marathon. Not too confident.


Tuesday ‘s easy day run.

Quads still a bit sore from Sunday’s run. I am not a great fan of running up hills or running down hills but I know that  hills can be often a benefit In many ways. One way is that you are not repeating the same motion for hour after hour. I did not time Sunday’s run but it was about 2 and a half hours or so. Flat track. Probably why my quads are still so sore come Tuesday.

Just ran an easy 6 Km with Tamami tonight. I felt quite good once I got out there. Hardest step is the first one out the door as they say. 22 degree temp made it quite nice out on the road.My legs did not feel great but it was such a short run it did not matter much.Put lots of ice on my legs. Not sure this helps but I believe the pain is lessening.ImageYeah.

Losing Weight/ Gaining Weight/Lunch today

Back in the day I used to keep an eating diary wherein I wrote what I ate and when I ate it. Every month I used to go to a Dietician who would read my diary  and if she saw that I ate a muffin ( actually it was only half a muffin… And only once) she would ask me if I was serious in trying to lose fat. She would then take about 7 or 8 measurements on my body skin folds and add them all up and advise me of my progress or lack there of.Image

I have long since given this up.  Thought it was leaning a little bit towards The Crazy when you started each day writing in a book ” 7.16 AM 625ml water “. ” 11.02 AM Apple…half”.

About three years ago my weight went up to 73 Kilos ( about 160.5 pounds ). I am 177 cm tall so that’s not too bad by normal person’s standards. ( 177cm = ? 5′ 10″ ?). Anyway I changed various things in my diet and over a year I got down to 68 kilos ( that’s a bit less than 150 pounds).

My plan for this Melbourne Marathon come back race is to be 66 kilos ( 145 pounds). I have pretty much got this now and am sometimes…on a good day 63.5 kilos (bit under 140).Sometimes I am lighter.

Now this is all very well and good but I do know I am still carrying some fat. Especially  around the stomach. I now do 200 stomach crunches a day ( down from 750 a day). I know you can not spot reduce so I don’t expect a flat stomach from doing stomach crunches alone. I find them boring.

I have a friend in Japan ( an American) who is a better runner than me and about 65 years old. He is the same hight as me ( well maybe I am a little taller). He is 57.0 now ( about 125 pounds). I don’t think I could ever get down to that weight. I just lack the will power.

What is the best weight…what is the best skin fold level to run a Marathon….I am not sure. I think once I have run this Melbourne Marathon I will work a bit more with some weights. I don’t really want to get too heavy but maybe stronger. Strong and Lean. Sounds good.