Long Run this morning another step


Ran 30 Km around Albert Park Lake this morning. It went OK but I still find these sort of runs pretty long. Probably that’s why they are called Long Runs. 🙂

Started just after 9 AM ( I am lazy) in 21 degree temperature which is a bit hotter than I have been used to. Wind off the lake was very fierce and almost stopped me in my tracks…although my Garmin shows I must have pushed thru it as my pace did not decreases that much.

I had planned to run 35km but decided to call it off at 30km. I still lack mental strength. If I had needed another 5km running to get home I could  have..would have…done them. However around the lake is a bit under 5 Km and the thought of starting another lap and fighting that killer wind again was too much for my mind to take.

Tamami who helped me a lot thought I was wimpy not to run more. Maybe she was right. But I felt at the time it was best for me to stop. She says I lack endurance.Maybe true as well.

I still have some time before the Melbourne Marathon to get some more long runs in. Onwards.

Todays average pace was 5.37 per Km. True that is very slow running but Long Runs are not necessarily meant to be at race pace plus the light gravel I was running on is hardly a fast track( I have many excuses)…oh and did I mention the wind? 😉

Weight 64.2 ( my initial plan was to get my weight down from 68.5 Kgm to 66.0. Kgm for the Marathon…maybe I should aim to be lighter)

I ate some cheese and a banana before I ran today. Note to self…no more cheese.




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