Weight Loss.

ImageAbout three years ago I weighed in at around 73 Kilos ( about 160/1 pounds), I worked hard in getting my weight down to about 66 Kgm ( 145 pounds). That sounds good but it took me close to a year. My weight this year has been around 68.5 Kgm but I have got down to low 64 Kilos ( around 140 pounds which I think was my weight 40 years ago). At 1.76 cm…I think…about 5 foot 9/10 that’s not really great for a Marathon runner. But I have yet to reinvent myself as a marathon runner. 

My view on how to lose weight is to eat less and train hard. Sounds simple.But not always easy. I think that training has to consist of sweating…meaning effort….meaning for me speed work. Something I am not really doing as I am afraid of activating one of my oh so many injuries. But we will see. Also running for three hours probably helps a bit as well.

I seem to have pulled up well from the 30 Km run yesterday. But I don’t want to take any chances so just went for a short jog today. Also got to the Gym and did 30 minutes on the Eliptical training machine….not sure if this does much.

Tried to do a Plank…heard good things about that. Boring though.

100  push ups and 210 stomach crunches….I think I will cut down on the stomach crunches…my stomach is strong but does not look that flash as I still have a layer of fat over the muscle….ok make that two layers.





4 thoughts on “Weight Loss.

  1. If losing weight is the goal, then I recommend cutting out refined carbohydrates and exercising in the lower aerobic zone.

    • The goal is to run as fast as I can. I think I eat fairly well. I used to keep a Food diary where I wrote down what I ate and drank and when. Each month I used to show this to a dietician who would take my measurements and comment on my eating. But I gave that up as I thought it was kind of being obsessive!! 😉

  2. I have gone from 77 Kgm last spring when I started running to 63 Kgm now…but need to lose at least another 4.5 Kgm to get to my ideal running weight. I find that long (over 1-1/2 hours) workouts work best for losing weight…and not eating everything that doesn’t eat me first afterwards…lol.

  3. I am 5.7 and my weight was 72kg when I ran Dusseldorf marathon in April, I ran it in 2:49.
    I know I could be a little lighter and if I was I might be able to run better or faster! I find it very hard to drop weight no matter how many miles I run a week. I am back up to 75KGs and I am not happy with that at all. Since I am off running injured my weight just shot up. I want to get back down to 72kg by the end of September. Gym, Bike and Diet will be my life over the next month.

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