Time to try and run a little faster.

Run today consisted of 6 Km at steady pace then a ‘hard’ 3 Km run followed by a slow 1km warm down.

Tamami drives me 10 Km from home and then pushes me out the car door with orders to find my own way home.

Maybe it was the 30 Km on Sunday or the Eliptical machine at the Gym yesterday but my legs did not feel they really had much bounce. I ran the first 6 Km at an OK pace although probably not that fast. I did not time it. Stopping at a road which I walked across before starting the 3 Km effort.


Last Km over some reasonably hard hills but knew the end was near so tried after a fashion to push.

Felt ok after finishing.Image

Temperature was 24 which is warmer than usual.

crunches 150….push ups 30




4 thoughts on “Time to try and run a little faster.

  1. This run looks familiar!

  2. I can relate your legs not having much bounce … I had a slow 11km run yesterday, and struggled to do my regular 3km warmup on the treadmill at the gym tonight. Rest day required????

  3. Who did it first? I guess we will never know. 😉

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