Medium Long Run: Mid week

Well it was really not that long at only 18 Km. Although there were a number of hills which made it a bit more worthwhile.

My aim is to have a medium long run once a week in addition to the Long Run. My plan is to run at approximately 10% slower than my Marathon race pace. I am pretty slow anyway so don’t want to make it too slow.  I would like to run say 24 Km although today I made it shorter as it was a destination run. Run somewhere and return.

I ran 9 Km in one direction. It was 22 degrees but felt hotter. My time was exactly the same as my 30 Km run pace on Sunday. I then ran 9 Km. Pace was 10 second per Km faster on the way home. Didn’t feel too bad.Image

Weight up to 65.0 but no big deal as that’s one kilo les than my target race weight.

200 crunches…60 push ups.


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