Does resting help your running?

Well years ago  I would have said no. I used to think more was better and I would have plenty of time to rest when I was dead !

However nowadays I am more concerned with getting injured and trying to do everything I can to stay as healthy as possible. I am thinking that  taking it fairly easy now and again can only help me.

True yesterday’s run was only 18 Kms and I stopped half way for a drink. But today I decided to take it easy. Put my feet up and rest so to speak.

Today only a short jog and then 45 minutes on the Eliptical Machine at the gym. Followed by 200 stomach crunches and 60 push ups.Image


2 thoughts on “Does resting help your running?

  1. Resting definitely helps my running, even though I hate to do it!

  2. Knowing your limits is priceless when it comes to injury. I’ve learned mine.

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